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     As with all human endeavors you can expect that this site will change in shape and appearance over time; but it will always adhere to a single goal and purpose: to provide the best possible forum for Americans to discuss the issues and problems facing our beloved country.

     I hope that some day the most burning issue will be who is the best candidate for dog catcher in Adams County, Ohio; but in the mean time I see many, many life-threatening decisions to be made by all of us together. These are issues, which, if we fail to address in a timely manner, will mean the end of our country. I see no in-between here - not without common ground.

     God willing, the dynamic product of this site will be that common ground.

     It is this searing reality that brings me here to-day and, until we are finished with our tasks at hand, it will be what brings you back over these days and over these issues until we have beat back the onslaught of the enemies of our country and culture.

Let us begin, and may God Annuit Coeptus.


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